Webcam Login Help

Click on the link to the luxury suite camera for your pet.

A popup box will appear requesting the user name and password. Type the user name and password provided to you when you checked in your dog. These are case sensitive (the User name begins with a capital letter, while the password is all lower case).

A blue screen for Panasonic Network Camera will appear;
Click on link for language English
Click on tab for Single

You may be prompted to accept installation of an ActiveX Control from Panasonic
Click to agree and install the add-on

This should bring up the camera in the suite.

The camera can be moved using the pan/tilt functions on the left margin. Please re-center the camera on the suite when finished.

Mouse clicks within the suite will move the camera. Zoom functions can be by scroll wheel or right mouse clicks on the image (upper half of image will zoom in, lower half to zoom out).

More explanations and help are provided on the Support tab.

Please note:

  1. The cameras work during times of daylight and when the suite’s interior light is on. While the cameras are on continuously, you may not be able to see your pet after dark;
  2. Pets may be out of their suite for walking or for cleaning. We will try to leave a message in the suite with the location of your pet if it is moved to a different suite for some reason.