Technicians and Assistants

The veterinary technicians assist the doctor in all aspects of veterinary care. They are a trained and knowledgeable group that all share a love for animals. They display this love and concern for pets in the sometimes difficult yet always rewarding work they do every day. Caring for sick or injured patients is a demanding job that takes just the right kind of person to manage. Our technicians use their skills to provide the best care possible for your pet.

Rose-Rich Veterinary Hospital - Technicians
Technician Kim Ann Miller (right, with Kelli Curl)

Rose-Rich Veterinary Hospital - Technician
Technician June Little

Rose-Rich Veterinary Hospital - Veterinary Technicians
Technicians Morgan Drozd and Marie Fontenot

Rose-Rich Veterinary Hospital - Veterinary Technicians
Technician Amanda Lee Locklear (with Dr. Moore)

Rose-Rich Veterinary Hospital - Pet Exam Room technicians and assistants
Exam Room technicians and assistants, such as Desiree Bertrand, work with our doctors to provide out-patient exam, vaccination and diagnostic services.

Rose-Rich Veterinary Hospital - Veterinary Technicians and assistants
Technicians and assistants also perform diagnostic lab tests and computer input tasks. Bridget Harris (left)and Jessica Teague (right).