Surgical Services

We have a well equipped surgical suite. We offer soft tissue surgeries (such as spay, neuter, declaw for cats, tumor removal, and umbilical hernia repair), orthopedic, (such as cruciate ligament repair) and many other surgical procedures.

A pre-surgical exam and pre-anesthetic blood test is your pet’s chance to have adverse conditions detected. Age-appropriate blood tests also reveal problems that aren’t obvious. We offer pre-anesthetic blood tests to make sure each pet is a good candidate for surgery.

While most surgery is uneventful, emergencies sometimes occur. During surgery, your pet is monitored by both the technician and the veterinarian. Detecting problems early helps us to intervene and correct them. A heart (ECG), blood pressure and oxygen monitor allows us to track your pet’s heart rate and rhythm, as well as the amount of oxygen in the blood to ensure that your pet’s values are normal. In addition, you can choose to have an I.V. catheter and fluids administered during anesthesia and surgery. Fluids help keep blood pressure stable and aid in medication elimination through the kidneys.

While your pet is under anesthesia, it is the ideal time to perform other minor procedures that may require anesthesia or may be uncomfortable for your pet, such as dentistry, ear cleaning, nail trim or microchip implantation (a device for pet identification). Please talk to the receptionist when dropping off your pet if you would like any of these additional services.

In order to protect your pets, as well as those belonging to other people, we require verifiable or written proof that your pet is up to date on the following vaccinations:



When dropping your pet off for surgery you will be asked to sign a consent form giving us permission to put your pet under anesthesia. This form will also further explain your surgical options. If you have questions about these options, our reception staff will assist you. For your convenience, you can download the Surgery Consent Form and bring it to us when you bring your pet for surgery.